December 2013

“Water Chandelier” tonight @ T. Karn Imports

There are moments we experience; void of the buzzing, ringing and constant interruption; when the outside world comes alive to our senses. The snow melts off of the tree, each drop trembling before it takes flight. Fire dances in the darkness and needs not shape nor definition to exist in its function and beauty.
Come join us as Taunya Van Der Steen-Mizel interprets the elements and their connection to the human experience through her “Water Chandelier” tonight @ T. Karn Imports from 5-8pm.

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Japanese Activated Charcoal

Like the Himalayan salt, activated charcoal is best known for its purification and detoxification properties. In the water vessel assemblage, activated charcoal serves dual purposes of filtering water for drinking and for subtle air balancing by adding negative ions to the air in the vicinity of the charcoal.

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Himalayan Salt

The blocks of Himalayan salt literally add an ancient raw element of the earth into some of the water vessel assemblages as carefully balanced counterweights. Although I was initially attracted by its pristine and rough beauty, and have cooked with this colorful salt for many years, I have grown to appreciate the history and health benefits of rock salts mined at high altitudes. These particular blocks are from Mark Bitterman’s store ‘The Meadow.’

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